Monday, August 2, 2010

Beating up the post-vacation blues

The vacation's over and we've been a week back. The trip seems already so far away. My tan is wasting itself, hidden under trousers instead of dresses and skirts.  The suit cases have been stored in the basement and daily routine started again.  Vacations are periods in which we are really happy but the problem is that they come to an end; the stress less days at the beach are substituted  with a mountain of dirty washing and a ton of emails to read (and answer) at work.

The build-up and anticipation for the holidays is intense, stressful, and exciting. For this reason, it's no wonder many of us go through post-holiday blues after such times.

Here's my tips to beat the post-vacation blues?

  • Unpack immediately;
  • Go through your digital photos from the vacation and create a real photo album/book. Check out  Snap Fish  to create photo books;
  • Eat home cooked meal. On vacation we tend to eat mostly in restaurants. Our body needs a break from all the excessive eating;
  • Plan another vacation for the near future, or not so near future. Having the next vacation planned will always give you something to look forward to;
  • Try to find time for yourself, to just do your thing without having to think of other people's needs;
  • Organise a night out, dinner with friends;
  • Find something to laugh about in your life.  What made my day yesterday was the look on my boyfriend's face once he noticed that his travel card is in a hidden pocket in his wallet after he had just canceled his lost travel card and subscribing for a new one!

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