Friday, October 1, 2010

Restaurant Corner: Sa Seada

This week together with my colleagues we went to the Italian restaurant Sa Seada in Amsterdam. The owners are from Napoli, so most dishes offered were traditional dishes from the locality. I have a soft spot for Italian food and I'm always on the lookout for good Italian restaurants.

Throughout the evening I got to brush up my Italian, something I love doing when I have the opportunity.

Dinner consisted of a 4 course set menu. There was large quantities of food and all of us got full before the main course reached our table. Thus if you plan to go there make sure to have a light lunch.

The mixed starters we got were abundant and with a great selection. The vogole were lovely as well as the parmigiana. The rest of the food was also very good, mostly presented in a slightly non-traditional way, such as a Dorade fillet wrapped around a king prawn.

All food was served at the same time, even though we were a large table. The only downside was that we had a very long waiting time between each serving.

Unluckily the restaurant doesn't have it's own site which I think at this day and age every restaurant should have even if it is a rudimentary one.

[Image Credits: Accademia Del Giglio]

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