Friday, October 8, 2010


A month ago my father in law retired. I'm happy for him gaining the freedom after so many years of work. I on the other hand am a bit less happy for myself. Calculating how many years I need to work before I can retire (37 years?!) I noticed that I need to work more years than I have actually lived!

So I started thinking ways of solving this problem and I came up with this list:
  • Find a rich man. I failed on this one already, although my boyfriend is making my life richer!
  • Win the lottery. There's always a chance albeit tiny, if I actually get to buy a lottery ticket :-/
  • Make lots of babies and thus HAVE to stay at home. Taking them all to a nursery/creche would be more expensive than an actual day's work. I'm sure my boyfriend will object at having more kids than parents.
  • Steal a bank. Why do you think I work in the financial markets department in a bank?!?
  • Create a solid investment plan or pension fund so at least I reduce those 37 years to around 25 years! Again I should get around to start this.
As you can see there are quite some options, some more real than others. Now which one shall I choose?

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