Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It's time for gloves

I think it's time to search for my gloves. This morning the temperature was around 4°C. I was expecting a layer of frost on the car. A layer of frost which will surely put a smile on my face.

Coming from a country which never gets snow I still act child like when I see snow at the beginning of winter. The excitement usually dissipates after less than a week when I rediscover that snow is cold and wet, very slippery (and somehow there is never enough salt in this country) and all means of transportation is usually affected.

What's the worst however is that early every morning I have to scrape of the ice of the windows of my car. It's a tedious process and it's very painful to my delicate hands. Doing it without gloves usually is nearly unbearable.

So as a Christmas wish to the weather man I'm asking for snow just for Christmas week and New Year weeks.

[Image Credits: Promotional Ice Scrapers]

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