Thursday, January 20, 2011

What adrelanine feels like...

Earlier this morning on my drive to work.... the car in front of me braked

*mutters* Why do people brake on the highway? You just need to stop accelerating and voila the car slows down. I just don't understand why they keep pressing on the brake pedal for no reason.

Oh he's still braking, maybe there's traffic on the road *grumble*

Maybe it's wise to brake as well

But the car seems to still be getting closer

And a bit more closer *worries*

At this point I was really pressing hard on the brake pedal.

Oh the ABS went on, that's a good thing right...

Or not?!

I'm getting too close now, *groan*  he has a new car, one of those hybrid cars. Don't they have the engine at the back? Will that mean if I bump in him the damage inflicted will be larger?

And what about the car behind me?

Looks out of the rear view mirror

Ok there's at least one thing going good.

My car did stop a couple of metres away from the car in front of me but by that time my body was pumped with adrelanine!

All this took around 2 seconds. Man my brain can think really quickly!

[Image Credits: Muscle Car Wallpaper]

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