Friday, April 29, 2011

A Royal weekend ahead

Today Prince William and Kate Middleton will be getting married. There has been a lot, possibly too much media about this wedding but somehow I still am going to record the broadcast of the wedding to watch later on. While watching it I will prepare a mug of tea (with milk obviously) and some scones.

On more local news but still quite royal tonight we're celebrating Queen's night and tomorrow Queen's day in the Netherlands. I already have prepared my orange gear (every reason is a good excuse to go clothes shopping) and am now waiting for the weekend to officially start.


  1. Enjoy Queen's Day! Andrew is going to be there celebrating it as he's in Amsterdam at the moment :)

  2. He will definitely enjoy it! You should have joined as well.

    This will be the first year I won't go to Amsterdam for Queen's day. This year we're planning to go to Delft.



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