Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Why Kindle is great

Last Christmas I got a Kindle for Christmas. I have now read a few books on it and I just love it.

Why is it such a good buy:
  • It is light weight and can easily be carried around if you plan to read while commuting to work

  • Reading from it doesn't strain your eyes. The technology used is different from that used on computers and mobiles. There is no backlight and it literally feels that you're reading from paper.

  • There are so many cute covers you can accesorise it with. Mine has a pink leather cover. It's very durable and doesn't bulk it up. You can also buy covers that come with a small light source so that you can also read in the dark without having to put extra light on.

  • Buying books is very easy and quick. It takes less than a minute to have it downloaded on your Kindle.

  • You'll stop losing the location that you stopped reading at

  • You can mark parts of your book and jot down notes. You can share these notes with other Kindle users or even share them on social networks such as Facebook or Twitter.

  • There is a dicitonary and thesaurus for the words you cannot understand.

What I miss from the normal book experience:
  • The smell of books, both old and new

  • Going to a shop or second hand book market and flip through books. Although I think I can still do this and then download the books at home. I still plan to buy some paper books anyway especially if they are technical or cooking books.

  • Not being able to lend my books to friends and family when I have finished reading a book.

  • If I'm at the beach it might be slightly unsafe to leave your Kindle unattended plus what if it gets water on it?!
Is the Kindle causing me to read more? In the end I doubt that since my love of reading is just that; a love of reading and it doesn't really matter on what medium I read from

Here's Kle's opinions about the Kindle.

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  1. When I first heard of the Kindle I thought that there was no point to it really...at least for me. But as time has gone by and I see them more and more, I REALLY want one now haha. Thanks for the post, just another reminder for me to get my butt in gear and get one :)



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