Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Climbing Grading routes for dummies

It seems that the climbing training is actually helping. This week I managed to go up a route 4 effortlessly or rather as effortlessly as a baby cow stands up right after birth. The heights are now less scary and I'm managing to trust the equipment and the belayer (the person securing you). I'm slowly overcoming the fear of falling because once secured you cannot really fall far off.

To understand the climbing grades check out the below description for dummies:
1  - Everybody can do it
2  - Everybody should be able to do it
3a - You do it without rope
3b - You start feeling the need of a rope
3c - Maximum grade on which you can find ferratisti
4a - Here you will find ferratisti stuck on the climb
4b - Minimum grade on which you can be lowered to lead climb
4c - The perfect grade for your girlfriend
5a - Minimum grade on which you can be lowered climb on top-rope
5b - Here you start putting effort in the climb and she starts complaining
5c - The ideal grade (universally accepted)
6a - Here you try to climb relaxed, but you can't
6b - You would like to climb relaxed, but you don't even try
6c - Here you feel depressed if you girlfriend can do it, and you can't
7a - Here legs are only an heavy and useless part of your body
7b - Here you don't understand what is on the top of your body: arms or legs?
7c - Maximum grade for the normal Homo Sapiens
8a - Only aliens and extraterrestrials can do it
8b - Only gifted aliens and extraterrestrials can do it
8c - Only very gifted aliens and extraterrestrials can do it
9a - Impossible

Ferratisti means people that climb a Via Ferrata.

[Image Credits: Himalman's Weblog]
[Information Credits: Code Climber ]

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