Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Climbing Knots

The climbing instruction weekend was a success. On our first day we headed to an outdoor natural massive rock structure. It was my first time climbing outdoors so I had an instructor all for myself who went through all the process with me. This meant that I spent a lot of time learning knots that are used for securing, belaying, abseiling one's self and your partner while climbing.

Below are the knots that I have been taught and which I used all throughout the weekend:
  • the Italian hitch (halve mastworp)

  • the clove hitch (mastworp)

  • the figure of eight 

  • the double figure of eight

  • the friction hitch (prusik)

What's interesting is that I climb using the Dutch language, not the English language! This is because the knot names are different in English, so if I climb with Dutch people I have to make sure that everyone knows what I am talking about.

[Image Credits: Wikipedia PrusikWikipedia Italian Hitch, Wikipedia Clove Hitch, Figure Eight Knot, Chockstone]

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