Wednesday, October 19, 2011


When I was a teenager I was never crazily into boy bands. My friends seemed to be obssesed with them, I merely enjoyed their music and that's it. I never understood the point of needing to keep each and every picture of the members of the band. I did it for a while just to fit in with my friends but I knew that they were not the best thing in the world. If you think about it most of their music isn't even remembered now anymore.

The same seems to be happening years later about Apple products. Many people get obsessed with new models of their products and new software updates. I myself have a couple of Apple products and I do love using them, but you surely won't find me queuing at the front of a store to be the first to get the new model of a phone.

So last week when the new ios5 for the Apple products came out I waited to install it and when I upgraded I nearly regretted it. Yes the new software has some nice new functionality but was it worth the hassle of losing all my applications and later on all my pictures since a few months ago? Was it worth it to spend 4 hours to get my phone back to normal?

[Image Credits: Joanna Dorfman @ Pinterest]

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