Friday, November 4, 2011

When the city gets grey

So you live in a city and sometimes the hustle and bustle of it all just gets to you. You love the city but every once in a while you need a break from it. You cannot always jet yourself away to some exotic island. Here's a few ways to try to re-energise yourself when the city feels too much without going on vacation.

Stay at home

You would think that this is boring and won't actually solve your problem? Sometimes what we need is just some time alone in our own home. Stay all day with your pijamas or comfy clothes and just snuggle on the sofa while watching your favourite series and movies. Drink hot cocoa, snack and just relax. Come Monday you won't be more energised and they city will look less grey than it did the week before.

Visit a different part of town

Even though you might have lived in the city for years there are surely many areas which you never really visited. Take your time to discover these areasand you'll be amazed at how many beautiful things you actually had missed before.

Plan a small retreat

You don't have much money or time to plan a proper vacation but you still want to get away. Pick a small village an hour or two drive's away from your home and book a room for the weekend in a bed and breakfast. A change of scenery will help to remove the stress and this will still feel like going on a vacation.

Plan a weekend visit with a relative or friend

Why not call a relative or friend and suggest to spend a weekend with them. Visiting family can sometimes is stressful by itself so only do this if you know you can enjoy the time rather than fuss about it. Family can also mean you can just be yourself and enjoy your time, eating homely food and just catching up with everyone's doings.

What do you do when the city gets too much?

[Image Credits: Jeanne Szewczyck @ Pinterest]

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