Friday, April 13, 2012

A jet lag breakfast

So you're back from your vacation on Easter Sunday. The fridge is empty and the jet lag feels like huge weight on your eyes. What do you do? Take a quick snack of Maltese goat cheese (gbejniet) and some prawn crackers.

Later an afternoon nap turned into a whole 12 hours sleep and we woke up famished at 5am which is a crappy time to wake up hungry. This is one of the few hours in the day in which you cannot get food deliveries from restaurants or late night eataries and also the time when normal day shops are still closed.

We had to be inventive, since a toast with jam wasn't going to be enough. Somehow we managed to make breakfast wraps with minced meat, beans, tuna and olives which felt like a great hang-over cure. Never expected to eat such a breakfast which turned out to be delicious and just what we needed to really wake up and face the long day ahead.

[Image Source:Latanya Herbert]

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