Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The bachelorette's party

Last weekend we had the bachelorette's of a good Maltese friend of mine living in Holland. The day started with a photo shoot. None of us had been in a photo shoot before so it was a blast. Imagine a group of 9 women fueled with wine, who are allowed to dress up and have their make up done by a professional. This is every women's dream!

The bachelorette
The obvious in Holland photo
We all had make-up done

And made our hair look good
The shoot area was pretty impressive

We decided to start shooting photos by ourselves

The group

The day didn't end here, in fact it kept going on until the early morning of the day after! When I arrived home, after cancelled night trains and a long journey home, I slept to the sound of waking birds. Surely not something I do every weekend nowadays. The day after I paid for the lack of sleep though and didn't really do much all day long.

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