Friday, August 3, 2012

I'm back!

The summer vacation has been long over. Somehow my daily rhythm is messed up after some time away and I tend to take long to manage to get back in the day-to-day routine. Obviously I was already back to work and the normal day cycle but I have been avoiding doing certain things. For one I have been avoiding going out jogging. I did manage to go once since back but that's definitely less than planned. I've also been eating like a pig and if left alone in the evening I start scavenging the cupboards for anything that can satisfy my need to pig out.

Now I think I want to take control back and that means also updating here.

The trip to Malta was jam packed with activities. With a wedding of a close friend who lives in Holland, a lot of beach days, good food and family. I won't go into much details since photos can explain better.

Lately we're flying with Ryanair since Air Malta flights are ridiculously expensive. This means that our luggage is limited. My skills of packing have improved dramatically and we managed to take only one luggage of just 15kg between us and a couple of carry on bags. I'm proud of myself!

The view from my sun bed in Ghadira bay. Not first row to the sea but that's because we prefer to have more space. We spent so many days at this beach since it seemed to be the cleanest this summer.

My boyfriend celebrated his birthday while in Malta. I think it's great to celebrate your birthday while on holiday. Mine usually is just another normal day at work in freezing weather.

We spent lots of time with my parents. Here's the boys.

And here's the girls.

Malta by night is just spectacular. This is the view of Valletta from Tigne' Point.

 Here's the most important men in my life. My boyfriend looks like he towers everyone in Malta!

I'm looking forward to be back in less than 2 months!

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