Friday, March 8, 2013


So here I am, sitting at an airport waiting lounge for the second time in a row at the same destination without actually having set foot on a plane. Fog has been the cause for cancellation of 3 of my flights and I'm suspecting the fourth delayed flight might also be cancelled.

I'm rather gloomy and exhausted, clean but still using a day old underwear. You see I have become a very light packer and this means extra panties didn't make the cut. Now I'm wishing that I was less rigid. I did happen to shop a bit while in London so I have ample new clothes to wear.

The airport staff have been very nice to the stranded passengers but the frustration level around me is very high. I got to hear quite some loud discussions while waiting.

Now the waiting game continues, knowing that once I make it home I have to start packing again for my trip to Malta. The question is will I make it on time?


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  2. Cant you catch a plane directly to Malta if flight is cancelled again??

  3. Alan I made it on time now but it's not that easy either since Air Malta didn't fly at that airport, most of AirMalta flights were fully booked (mainly because of elections) and I really needed to go home to pick my laptop since I will work on some days while there.



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