Sunday, July 11, 2010

An unexpected afternoon off

This weekend started a bit earlier than usual so I decided to cycle to the beach. I couldn't just stay at home and melt. The apartment is not made to handle such warm weather.

 While at the beach I noticed that the world keeps going on when I'm usually still stuck at work.  The beach was full of young kids playing in the sand, parents and elderly people soaking in the unusual summer warmth. I never expected that so many people don't work on a Friday afternoon. I was a bit jealous to say the truth. I cannot have a free afternoon every week but most of these people most probably have a regular day off each week (which is so very common in this country).

From now on when I'm at work till late on a nice sunny day I will be wishing to be one of those people that have free afternoons!

[Image Credits: The Age]

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