Monday, August 30, 2010

Awaiting Autumn

Even though it's still officially summer, summer is already history in Holland. The autumn feeling is in the air and green leaves are being shed. I'm waiting excitedly for the weeks to come when the roads will be a shade of orange, kind of an eternal sunset.

I am really a summer person, you have to be if you are to enjoy the Mediterranean weather I grew up in. Autumn doesn't really exist in Malta, extreme hot summers change to mild winters without trees shedding their leaves. I never knew what I missed, but a few years living in Nothern Europe changed that. I'm now looking forward to the coming months, even if I'm already mourning summer!

We've been having stormy weather all of August, so bad that yesterday's wind broke a tree trunk in our road. Maybe now you can imagine why I'm sure summer is over in this part of Europe!

[Image Credits: *Shan*]


  1. ahhhhhh Cola you make me miss autumn!! i might have to go somewhere in europe just to have proper autumn days! :'(

  2. I love autumn too now cola!!! New York is quite magical during this season.... we are still having 34 degree days here... hopefully summer holds up a bit longer! I am not done yet... I love fall but winter comes very quickly after that! And I will never get used to the cold!! :)



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