Thursday, August 26, 2010

An evening with the ladies

After a long wait Restaurant Week is upon us. I had 2 dinners planned this week, one with my girlfriends and another with the boyfriend.

Us three girls headed to the first restaurant earlier this week onn a tiny street full of coffee shops (the Dutch coffee shops not caf├ęs where they sell actual coffee and cake) next to the Dam. None of us had visited the restaurant before so we were a bit concerned about the location of the restaurant. What can you expect of from a restaurant in such street? However we were wrong and on entering the restaurant we noticed that it's going to be good once we saw the number of wine bottles on display at the entrance. The wine selection looked good and seeing my French friend face light up while walking to our table was enough to assure me that if the food was bad then we could focus on the wines!

The evening was lovely, the atmosphere warm and the food was very good. You can only expect a good evening if you put three ladies together with food and wine.

The girls choosing another wine

Note: The restaurant and wine bar mentioned above is Graves which is aptly named seeing that it's located in Gravenstraat.  However that's not all since Graves is also a sub-region of the Bordeaux wine region in France. This made it clear how they managed to get the name of the restaurant on most of the wine selection! Unluckily graves in English doesn't strike as a perfect name for a restaurant, unless you're targeting goths!

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