Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A day at Efteling

Everyone likes a discount, even if it's for something you would not generally go for. A few months ago we managed to get discounted tickets to the Efteling fun park, which we used last weekend. I hadn't been to an adventure park in some years and it seems that since then I was losing the courage I had as a kid. This culminated last spring in Mexico, when I was really scared on a jet ski. So I wasn not sure how many rides I would muster the courage for!

We started the day with the easy rides and attractions. Slowly we made our way to the more adventurous rides. I kept getting the adrelanine rush on each ride, so I kept agreeing to queue up to an hour for other scarier rides. Noticing only when it's too late to back out that if something goes wrong I'm fried!

The python ride is the only ride that I didn't enjoy. This ride has a number of loops that turn you upside down at high speeds and at strange angles. In the half hour queueing time I started preparing myself for the two loops. I focused and breathed deeply until it was our turn to climb in the carriage. At this point I was a bit shaky on my knees but I felt sure of myself and stepped in the carriage. On tightening the locks my boyfriend mentioned that there's more than two loops. WHAT? More than two loops? How did I miss that? I had no more time to think, the ride had started and by the time my brain made a connection that I will be turned upside down an extra time the ride was over! 

This ride gave me an instant headache! 
[Images Credits: Jessica Janssen]


  1. That ride looks MANIC. I used to LOVE roller coasters but these days I worry that I might throw up =S

  2. Same here but I discovered that it's only the ride that turn you upside down or rock you from one side to another make you sick. The ones with just plain speed just gave me an adrenaline rush



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