Monday, August 23, 2010

The contract

It's been 9 months since my boyfriend and me moved together. As a working couple we had agreed to share house work and chose what to do on our preferences.  I managed to drop off the worst job ever, ironing clothes to the boyfriend. Does anyone enjoy ironing? He freed himself from cleaning the floor.

It started all well and peachy but soon the piles of laundry got bigger and bigger. I didn't worry that much; I now had a reason to keep buying new clothes so I don't need to wait on the ironing. At some point the ironing was always done and my new clothes were still in my closet! I'm now looking at another large pile of clothes, with another new dress in my hand and worrying that if he doesn't iron them quickly I will soon have a hole in my pockets!

Or maybe it's time for me to do some ironing!


  1. We've been living together for 10 months :)

    We just tend to share everything most of the time. Apart from cooking - he does that :) While I sweep on a regular basis. Laundry and dishes are shared. Ironing is done one item at a time LOL

  2. Gi we kind of share everything at the time but it's mostly the case that he irons and I wash the floors. As for cooking it tends to be me since I arrive before him from work and whenever he happens to arrive before me he tends to squirm out of it by going for dinner at a restaurant! Although then he does cook me lovely complete dinners in the weekend.



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