Saturday, September 11, 2010

Five years in the Netherlands

Today is my fifth anniversary in the Netherlands. My move seems such a long time ago. If I was asked five years ago where I would be living in five years time I doubt I would have said Netherlands!  At the time I expected to stay in Amsterdam for three months, however once my stint came to an end I made sure to re-new the contract over and over again!

Five years ago I worked with an international software developing company. It's clients were banks and every now and again some of us were required to do 3-6 months stints at clients. In 2005 I had done a 6 month period at a bank in Munich, Germany and on my return to Malta I soon noticed that Malta wasn't enough for me anymore. So when I was offered the opportunity to go for a short period to a client bank in Amsterdam I accepted eagerly.

My three months were over quickly and I was just not ready to leave, so I kept extending my stay until I decided to find a job in the country to make my stay a bit more definitive.

These five years have been a very good five years and the best way to describe them is through pictures!

2005 - Flower Market
2006 - Bloemendaal beach

2007 - Windmills at Zaanse Schans

2007 - Queen's Day

2008 - Maltese fenkata

2008 - Lowlands

2008 - Halloween

2008 - Sailing in Markenmeer

2009 - Dance Valley

2009 - Sand sculptures at Texel

2009 - Michael became part of my lfe

2009 - Hot air balloon ride
2010 - Football at Ajax stadium
2010 - Royal Beach Concert
2010 - Efteling park

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