Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Murphy's Law

Imagine a house in 30°C weather, full of 8 people and a baby with no tap water for a weekend. That was our situation last weekend when we went to Malta for my niece's christening.

It was Murphy's law  that the christening was on the only few days that my family did not have water in the house. On the same days that there were 9 residents instead of the usual 2. And on the weekend when a family party was planned! It was also the same weekend in which my sister got completely soaked in wine when a waitress tripped the serving tray. And obviously it was in the weekend that my niece soiled her cute clothes!

All in all this was just a little glitch in great weekend, in which I became god mother to my one and only niece. I had my fair share of cuddles with the little one and now I'm already missing her chuckles. Not really missing the loud outbursts of crying though!

[Image Credits: That Anime Blog]

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