Wednesday, September 8, 2010

How to get rid of your shoes

The time that I never thought would arrive, arrived. I suddenly feel the need to clear out a good number of my shoes. All my shoes are stored in a little storage room and I noticed since my last apartment move last year some of these shoes were never worn. If they were not worn for a year then why do I keep them all when I have no intention to wear them soon.

I come from a family of hoarders so it's going to be difficult to let go to so many nice pair of shoes. How will I manage to get rid of these shoes? The first option to come to mind is to throw them away but in doing so you're not claiming the remaining benefits on these shoes plus most of them most probably cost a fortune.

How to get rid of your shoes:
  • Donate them to charity
  • Sell them on e-bay
  • Re-use any shoe laces by doing something creative with them.
  • Repair the shoes at a shoe maker to rejuvenate the shoes. This option defeats the challenge to get rid of the shoes though!
I'm thinking of trying out the first 2 options. First try and sell the less used pairs on e-bay and then donate the rest to charity.

On reading this my boyfriend will be elated, knowing that one of his wishes is going to be granted.

[Image Credits: Coco & Kelley]


  1. First try and sell the less used pairs on e-bay and then donate the rest to charity. - That's what I do. After all, sometimes you just need to make space for new shoes! :)

  2. I recently cleared out my shoes.... I just threw them out though .... some of them were too shabby to donate or re-sell. In hind site there were a couple of pairs that were almost brand new that I should not have just thrown away.... I am a hoarder too and everything has an emotional attachment to it so it makes it THAT much harder !!!

  3. What size do you wear? I want a link to your auctions, because you have awesome shoes :D (and I, apparently don't have enough).

    Just cleared out a ton of clothes, it's probably time I cleared out my own old shoes.

  4. I wear size 38 with a good number of 37 and a few 39. Once I take pictures I can send you a link

  5. I might be interested in your size 37s :)



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