Monday, September 6, 2010

An unwanted intruder

What do you do when an unwanted intruder is in your bedroom? Yesterday evening while preparing to go to bed a bee decided to take residence in our bedroom! If it was a fly I could sleep with but I didn't want a bee to be in the same room as me for a whole night. I was already imagining waking up with a squashed be on my cheek surrounded by red swelling.

Initially we hoped that the bee will decide to leave the room on its own free will. When we noticed this was not going to happen we equipped ourselves with a towel and a broom and tried to move the bee out of the room. Now you can imagine how hard it is to direct an insect out of an awning window (see picture). Only a trained bee-guide could manage to succeed in this action! Luckily we somehow managed to injure the bee and kill it.

We don't usually support animal cruelty but it felt really good to go to bed with no threats in the vicinity

[Image Credits: Awning Window]

1 comment:

  1. Yeah the damn things get in and then don't manage to fly back out, they keep flying into the glass instead. Such stupid creatures!



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