Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Help Desks

What do you do when the help desks don't offer a service? Today I had one of those horrible days in which few things go as planned. My plan in the morning was to go to work,  work, receive an important phone call during the day, go back home and finally see my boyfriend who's been away on a work trip.

However at work things just didn't go as planned. It seems that my computer had some automatic installations at night and my environment was ruined.  I couldn't do any work so I call the help desk. I expected someone trying to fix my problem but instead I was offered a complete system format sometime in the next 10 days! 10 days!! I'm already imagining what my manager would say if he sees me reading a book at my desk for the next 2 weeks. This is like saying "change your car if you get a tire punctured but first do nothing for 10 days"

So my only solution was to waste a day trying to solve the problems myself. Or is it gaining 9 days in this case?!  My mood wasn't my best at the end of it all and to top it of I never got that important phone call that I had been waiting on.

Fortunately after all this there is still something to look forward to: hugging my man!


  1. What OS ? Let me guess starts with a W and ends with an S. Have you tried reverting to the last checkpoint - Windows Updates create a checkpoint before actually installing the stuff.

  2. It's actually my .NET framework which messed up. And because I don't have complete admin rights I cannot stop certain processes to be able to re-install the frameworks.

    But slowly I'm managing and I won't need the compulsory fresh installation if I leave it in the hands of the help desk!



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