Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Things to do before I turn 30

I believe in lists and use them all the time. I create to do lists at work and home, shopping lists, baby names list (I had this since I was a kid), movies lists and many others.

One list I kept for around 4 years is a list of "Things to do before I turn 30". Two months shy of my 30th birthday here's my list and what I have completed out of it.

  1. Travel for long holidays (more than 3 weeks) outside Europe. Mainly Asia, Australia and South America. DONE.
  2. Have a proper relationship with someone. A relationship that does not end after 6 months.DONE. I've been in a happy relationship for these past 2 years.
  3. Learn something new...maybe become a wine expert. DONE. During my first years in Holland I learned to ride the bike.
  4. Buy an apartment/house. DONE. Getting the keys in less than 2 months!
  5. Make lots of money to be able to retire soon. Still working on this one!
  6. Get into the state of mind of a 30-year old which seems so much better than what we have in the 20s! DONE. Have been there a while. Should I worry?
  7. Do a sky dive (and hopefully live to be 30 afterward). I think I changed my mind on this one.
  8. Make more friends. DONE. I did pretty well since I moved to Holland. I have to work harder on friends in The Hague though!
  9. Become fitter. No comment!
  10. Learn to be secure on my bike. DONE.
  11. Be less clingy/insecure. DONE.
  12. Have a girl only holiday in summer. DONE. It was a blast!
  13. Have a proper shoe cupboard, a walk in wardrobe if possible. DONE. I do have this in our apartment!
  14. Lose some weight and be less obsessed with my weight. No comment.
  15. Move in with someone. DONE.
  16. Start speaking Dutch. Let's say that this is a work in progress. Nowadays I can get along for around an hour a day conversing in Dutch.
  17. Buy a real painting. I want a big painting not just a print of a painting.Still in my plans, maybe in the new house.
  18. Become an auntie. DONE. I'm now the auntie of cute baby Lyla.
I think I have done good in the past years. Now I have to start thinking of a list of things to do before I turn forty!

Do you keep lists of this sort? Why not compile one of your own and see how many items you actually manage to do during the years?

[Image Credits: Likoet Blog]

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