Friday, December 10, 2010

It's the season to be jolly

I have not updated this blog in some time. All the blame goes to a very busy schedule at work. Luckily my schedule will get calmer in the coming weeks so I'm slowly will get my life back.

Christmas spirit is slowly seeping in my life, what with all the snow we had last week and Christmas presents shopping. I always get excited when we set up the tree. The past few years I started buying real Christmas trees. Back in Malta nearly nobody got real trees (although it seems that Giselle was lucky enough to do this when she was young) so I really love to go and pick a tree to set up early in December.

We decided to pick up the tree on a day in which a weather warning was present because of the black ice on the roads. Picking the tree on this day meant that there were no queues and fighting over which tree to pick up with random people. What this meant though was that 3 hours later our tree, once heaved up 3 floors was leaving water puddles everywhere on the floor. Now water is definitely something parquet floor doesn't like!

The water problem was soon forgotten once I put up the decorations.

Note: We did wait to set up the lights until the tree dried out!

If you want to be green you can actually rent a real Christmas tree during December.

[Image Credits: LoadTr]


  1. It must be lovely to have a real tree. Do they remove any bugs that might be in it before though? Just curious really =)

  2. I'm not sure but I think they do clean the trees since they are not dirty.



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