Friday, February 11, 2011

Stop beeping, please!!

This past week has been an interesting one. What with unpacking most of the boxes and getting used to living in a different place, there was also an unexpected incident.

I always knew that by getting a house you'll also get the damaged or broken  parts of the house; damages which you didn't notice on your previous visits to the place. What I didn't expect was that on every night, at around 2:15am a beeping sound going on for half an hour will be part of our lives in this house!
The beeping sound was coming from the alarm system so we duly changed the batteries of the alarm sensors; setting off the alarm a couple of times in the process. The alarm beep however were still very punctual each night.

After the second night my eyes were broken and red. We definitely needed to find a solution quickly. I even contemplated of sleeping on an inflatable mattress on our old empty apartment. We did find a temporary solution by reducing the loudness of the beeps.

I'm now really looking forward to having a service man change the g*damn alarm battery *excuse my French*

[Image Credits: Meme Generator]

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