Monday, February 28, 2011

Week Snapshots

The last week of February is over, spring is not so far away. The weather though was very gray and wet. Here's 5 things that made this wintry week more bearable.

Another room at home is taking shape. We now have a proper place for the beer bottle collection.

Finally I got myself over at the car wash to clean my car.  My car hasn't been so shiny in ages. Needless to say it hasn't stopped raining since!

Trying out new recipes during the weekend.  I love the angle of this photo.

My ice-cream maker has been delivered! Looking forward to preparing my homemade ice-cream from now on.

I'm a techie but my expertise is in software. To say the truth I'm not really knowledgeable in hardware. So I was pretty excited to help set up the network and wire the wires in the cables. At the end of all the work I re-confirmed my love to software!


  1. ice cream maker aaaaa so dangerous for me lol. lovin the way the house is looking =)xxx

  2. I think it is going to be dangerous. We have tried a coconut ice-cream to start with. So tasty and smooth



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