Monday, March 7, 2011

Week Snapshots

Here's what made my week more than just a busy working week.

Spring is definitely on it's way. Finally I am getting home before it's dark and I can enjoy the last moments of natural light.

I'm still amused at all the different types of birds that swim along the canal at the back of our garden. This time I looked out and saw a couple of swans. They did manage to scare me when they hissed at me when I got close to them. They sounded like angry cats!  I'm also fighting the urge to feed all these birds in case they keep coming.


Having a delicious dinner cooked by my boyfriend is a nice way to relax in the weekend after a busy day. Below we have meat cooked in a Belgian beer jus with freshly made pommes duchesse which are baked mashed potatoes and filled tomatoes with peas.

Spending the Sunday afternoon listening to Blues and Jazz music.

Since I live in a flower country I am making more effort to keep flowers in the house on a regular basis.  Flowers just brightens up the place and also my mood! Visit Cultuur Podium Boerderij for these type of events.

Making home-made coconut ice-cream. It was the first trial of my birthday present and it was a success. It was so successful in fact that I actually forget to take a photo of the ice cream before we finished eating it!

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