Thursday, March 31, 2011

You are the controller

I'm not the usual type of girl. I'm not very girly. Apart from my love of shoes, clothes, handbags and chocolate I seem to relate to men more than other girls I know. It might have to do with my interest in sciences and IT. So it isn't unusual that since young I always loved playing video games on my cousin's Gameboy and Amiga computers before I had my own computer at home.

Once we got our first computer at home, I managed to get my hand on ten floppy disks containing games. Games that had only one level each. It had never passed my mind at the time that I only had trial versions of these games. I just assumed that the boss to be killed at the end of the level was the end of the game!

Time improved the technology and graphics in games. I spent hours in my teenage years playing on the Playstation, completing one game after the other. More recently the Ninetendo Wii came out. It was so much fun playing with it at friends. It introduced a new level of gaming were movement is part of the game. The controller and joysticks weren't static any more. You could now play with the movements as well.

This Christmas I decided to buy the Kinect for the Xbox for my boyfriend. It was such a good decision, it felt like a present for myself. The difference with Kinect and the Wii is that you don't need a controller any more to play. You play with your whole body. While playing you forget that you're playing in the game, you just feel that you are in the game.

What's even more fun is looking at your friends moving like they're martial arts combatants in my living room!

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