Saturday, April 2, 2011


A few weeks back I discovered a sport. We went climbing at an indoor climbing wall. It was my first time and wasn't sure what to expect. Was I going to manage to reach the top? It didn't help that on that day there was the juvenile national climbers climbing the hardest routes. These kids around 2 decades younger than me where climbing up the walls like monkeys. I on the other hand was stuck at one of the most basic routes. This didn't stop me though and I did finish a few easy routes by the end of the evening. I even have a challenge to myself to finish one of the routes with an overhang which beat me last time.

Now we're trying to get ourselves into a beginners' course to climb outdoors in the Belgian Ardennes. Will I be scared when I am out there for real?

Here's Michael from his last climbing experience in Belgium.

If I keep practising this sport then I will surely need to keep a hand moisturiser at hand's reach to make sure my hands will remain ladylike!

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