Monday, April 4, 2011

Week Snapshots

What made my week good?

 Us girls enjoying the time at the family house warming party.

Having a presonal beer draft machine at home for a couple of weeks. I pour a crappy beer our of the draft so I left it in the hand of the boys.

Cheese platters. Do I need to say more?

Spring time and summer time are lovely in the Netherlands. The sun starts setting really late, as late as 10:30pm in summer so we spend a lot of time in the garden. Thus this weekend we headed to the garden shop and got ourselves an outdoor lounge set. The set will be delivered next week but in the meantime we've got these couple of cushions to remind us of the purchase.

We spent some time going through photos to put onto the wall clock. I think it looks great, even though we're still missing one slot!


  1. Those cheeses look HUGE !! not to mention absolutely delish. hehe

  2. They weren't small at all, but we had people at home so they quickly devoured them!



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