Monday, June 27, 2011

Parkpop, 2011

This weekend turned out to be full to the brim with fun activities.

Every year in Zuiderpark in The Hague there is an open air free festival called Parkpop. Every year this festival is on a day that is worth calling a perfect summer day. This is rare in the Netherlands, other festivals have been nicknamed for the bad luck with the weather, but not this one!

Early afternoon we cycled on the extremely busy bike lanes to the park to spend a relaxed afternoon listening to music. The park was full with all types of people, people that would not generally go to a festival if there was an entrance fee.

The only down side of this event was that there were no ATMs inside and the nearest one was pretty far away. Luckily being the foreigner I didn't know where the ATM was located and it was the job of my boyfriend to walk all the way, outside of the park grounds, to get us some more cash! In this plastic oriented world I had expected a cash machine inside the grounds.

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