Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Geography of the Netherlands

I lived 4 years in Amsterdam. In those years I was cocooned in the grachtengordel (the canal belt). Everything I needed was in this canal belt, biking around was the best method of transport.  There was never the need to leave this area until one fine day I met a particular Dutch man who showed me the rest of the Netherlands.

I have seen more of the Netherlands since I met him than I did before. My geography of the country is so much better now. The fact that I drive around 150kms up and down two regions on a daily basis might have helped as well! He on the other hand, in the last few years got to visit many tourist attractions and great locations in the country that for him were either first time visits or past school excursions. Being local sometimes you forget to appreciate the things that you own country has to offer.

So I propose that you think of a place that you have never visited, or only went years ago and a plan a trip to go there!

[Image Source: (Jonathan Moy)]


  1. We did that last year...saw the island with the tourists on a sightseeing bus. It makes you appreciate your country that much more.

  2. It's true. Nowadays I also get to see Malta as a tourist and it looks so nice that way!



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