Friday, August 12, 2011

The smell of coffee in the morning

I'm not a coffee person, I don't need it in the morning to be able to function well. I would love to drink coffee but it always feels too strong when I try it. However I do love it's smell and any sweets with coffee taste. So last week when we got a better coffee machine at home I felt a pang of jealousy. I wished I could also prepare an espresso and sip it during breakfast!

[Image Source: Pinterest (Laura Burgos)]


  1. Have you tried having a weak capuccino with some (raw/demarera) sugar? OOORRRR!! instead of just sugar add a little bit of sugar and a small amount (a level teaspoon) of cocoa, you're in netherlands so use droste or van houten, you'll have a lovely "mocha" :D

  2. I like the idea of adding cocoa. I do sometimes drink cappuccinos and lattes but that's it.



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