Friday, September 2, 2011

Greece revisited

These past couple of weeks have been quite relaxing. Wouldn't mind if life offered more of these type of weeks. The vacation was great and was just the enough amount of summer I needed to be able to handle a northern European winter in the coming months.

Here's some pictures of the trip, because I'm sure my words cannot describe the colours and tastes of the trip better than pictures.


Each morning we tried to head to a different beach than the day before. We got to see quite a number of different beaches.


The food was really tasty, I loved being able to eat all different types of fresh seafood and fish. The big range of grilled meats was also fingerlicking good. After 10 days though each menu looked the same as the previous one and I was starting to want to taste something different.


During the trip we went to a different island, Patmos, with the catamaran. We were slightly unlucky since it was very windy on the day and I was really sea sick. It was basically 3 hours from hell for me. Luckily going back the sea was calmer and I really enjoyed the trip. On the islands we decided to rent a moped and a quad bike. It was enough to go around to different beaches and to explore all the little towns on the islands.


On every trip at the sea we try to go Scuba diving. This year we went for an afternoon on a sailing boat from which we dived from. The dives were not the most impressive, but what can one expect if the previous dive was done in the Carrebean sea!



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