Thursday, May 10, 2012

31 things about me

I just noticed that a few months ago (right after I turned 31) I forgot to publish this post. Since I'm still 31 here it goes.

Now that I am 31 years old, I'm going to reveal 31 things you might now know about me.

  1. I am left handed but used to practise writing with my right hand. I wanted to be able to write nicely with both hands.
  2. I never planned to live away from Malta for more than 2 years
  3. I like the taste of raw pasta
  4. I used to throw my cat in the air so she does somersaults in the air. I was young and stupid!
  5. I hated my first kiss!
  6. I can knit.
  7. I used to do maths exercises by my own choice (on top of what was required for school).
  8. I speak perfect Dutch when tipsy.
  9. I speak Maltese when I happen to wake up at night or am very tired/relaxed.
  10. I am becoming so afraid of anything involving speed.
  11. As a kid I loved watching scary movies but now I will get nightmares if I do.
  12. I can cook/bake great desserts.
  13. I spent 3 months each summer for around 10 years living at the beach.
  14. I used to catch shrimps with bare hands when young.
  15. Many times I prefer the cake batter more than the taste of the resulting cooked cake.
  16. I used to build play houses with clothes pegs.
  17. I never owned a video game but I love gaming.
  18. I have been colouring my hair since I was 16 years old.
  19. I had never travelled abroad until I was my early twenties.
  20. I have never seen snow until I was my mid-twenties.
  21. I like that my job gives me opportunities to live abroad.
  22. I preferred the past 8 years much before than the previous 8 years.
  23. I love keeping lists
  24. I hate planning my weekends in advance but I still like planning things in general.
  25. I own a large collection of movies.
  26. I a quite addicted to social networks.
  27. I love being on time. In fact I tend to be always the first to arrive.
  28. I'm super clumsy but I never had any broken bones.
  29. I have lived in 3 different countries and 6 different cities. 
  30. I have visited all continents except Oceania.
  31. I can shop for clothes very quickly (when compared with other women).
So do you have a different opinion of me?

[Image Credits: Kiesha Smith @ Pinterest]

1 comment:

  1. I love lists too, I write them everywhere! I'm 31 too - for another week at least heh :) Happy belated bday!



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