Friday, May 11, 2012

Not an average person

Earlier this week my boyfriend  got a call from the bank fraud's department. They wanted to confirm that our latest transactions were done by him since they suspected that someone might be using his card to book a lot of flights to different countries.

Luckily all the transactions were done by him but this meant that we fell under the radar of the bank since we're booking more flights than an average person. I always knew that I travel a lot but I never expected to get such a call. Firstly I'm impressed that the bank does these type of checks, I wish my Maltese bank had done this last year when my credit card was indeed forged and used by somebody. You can read that story here. But then I noticed how lucky I am to be able to travel so much. Little did I know when I left the tiny island of Malta years ago that I was going to be able to travel around Europe and beyond so easily. At the time I used to manage to leave the island maybe once a year.

So this post is all about being thankful for having the possibility to travel so often and also thankful to being non-average since who want to be plain average!

[Image Credits: Lindsay Wilson @ Pinterest]

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