Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Blaming my boss

I'm blaming my boss for this post. Yes you heard it right and I'm not ashamed of it.

Last Christmas my boss (or rather the management) gave all his employees a weekend break as a Christmas gift. This meant that I was forced (not brutishly) to find a nice place in Europe to spend a few days visiting.  I had been thinking the last months of where to go. I wanted to visit some place new, preferably even a country I had never visited. I was attracted to places near the see, most probably knowing that this summer I only have 8 days in the Mediterranean which feels like such a short time. So that's how today we're off to Malaga in Spain. I did visit Barcelona and Madrid in the past and I had a swell time.

And this my darlings it's why it's all my boss' fault!

[Image Credits: Sabine Trendell @ Pinterest]


  1. Nice! Enjoy yourselves :) I don't think your boss will mind being blamed for this ;)

  2. Yeah Gi, my boss ws jealous that he only went to a weekend in London for his weekend trip rather than somewhere a bit different.

    Miriam, I'll accpt that comment since I won't manage to meet you when you're around.

  3. Poor you. What a cruel boss you have. hehe



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