Sunday, June 3, 2012

Six days in Malaga

The days spent in Malaga were quite a nice unexpected break. The weather was in the comfortable twenties on most of the days.

There was a lot of seafood and as sea food lovers it was just perfect. We ate all sorts of prawns and fish and so many sorts of tapas. Actually you could mostly get tapas rather than whole main course dishes so we kind of lived on those.

Traditional paella

Grilled prawns covered in salt

Fish with mussels

Our hotel wasn't in the old centre so we rented a bike (how more Dutch can I become?) to be able to reach it quickly. It was so nice to ride across the promenade at sunset. A bike was also perfect to go to the different beaches on the kilometres long promenade.

On one of the days when it wasn't warm enough to go to the beach we decided to visit other towns. Being a Sunday we discovered that it was nearly impossibly to get a train or a bus so we quickly rented a car and decided to drive to Gibraltar. Once there we saw the security check and one of us started to worry. A security check meant we had to show a passport or an identity card. I had my identity card with me but my boyfriend doesn't have one and always uses his license as an id. This is not enough to cross non-Schengen borders, so we had to see Gibraltar from the wrong side of the border!!

The rock of Gibraltar

After a sullen lunch and a lot of jokes from me we headed to  Ronda which is a cute town at a sharp cliff/valley.

I love these type of unexpected trips!


  1. Sucks about the id card thing but sure looks like it's was a lovely holiday.
    Wasn't the prawn salt thing too salty?

  2. No they weren't since you take the skin off and the salt that remains is only that on your fingertips.



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