Saturday, June 9, 2012

Climbing in Hotton

This weekend we'll be climbing in Hotton, Belgium. This will be my second experience climbing on natural walls. Most of the time I climb at indoor climbing walls and sometimes at a fake outdoor wall. Netherlands is impressively flat, that means that we have to climb outdoors at its neighbouring countries.

This is how the area looks like

Am I scared while climbing outdoors? Obviously I am, but somehow the protective gear and all the people around you make it feel easier. Technique and experience should also help me to feel more secure.  On weekend like this I get to experience the outdoors like never in my early life and I get to feel a real connection with nature. Maybe it has something to do with camping outdoors as well, which again I have never done in my life in Malta. They're also days in which I can eat power sweets like Snickers because I deserve it and not feel too guilty about it!

This is more how it will look like in real life

This weekend happens to fall on the first Dutch Euro 2012 football game. Thus we need to find a pub to show the game. Imagine 7 or so smelly people watching the game on a Saturday night!

[Image Sources: Belay Mates, Luie Klimmer

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