Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A boat on the canals

The Netherlands is a country full of canals and rivers. In winters these canals are perfect to skate on while in summer many people fish in them or else enjoy an afternoon on their boats. While living in Amsterdam I even saw post being delivered from barges on the canals. So once we moved to our current house, which has a garden directly at the canal it was obvious that I wanted a boat of my own.

So we scoured the internet for a small boat to start calling our own and a few weeks ago we finally got ours. We were also lucky to have a perfect weekend to use our boat.

The boat

It's so lovely to check our neighborhood from this angle. I even got some ideas on how to improve our back garden!

An evening ride


And obviously cold beer or a glass of rose wine makes the trip even more idyllic.

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