Monday, August 6, 2012

Jogging around

A few months ago I started jogging after work. I'm using the RunKeeper application on my phone, which is a great application to help you to track your progress. I found a training program and every week I am seeing some improvement. On my first week I couldn't even jog more than 1 consecutive minute. Now I can run 2.5km per session. I'm so happy with my improvement. I'm still far away from running 5km without any walking breaks but suddenly I feel that I might be able to reach my goal in a few months.

I'm now seeing the neighborhood where I live in a different manner. I keep checking the map to see which parts are green and contain foot paths or parks for me to run at. Am I becoming a fitness freak? Surely not since before going for a run this weekend I was in the kitchen prepare lemon sorbet! I guess my love of good food will never diminish. At least now I'm exercising, so eating sweets won't make me always feel guilty.

I'm more of an ice-cream person but this sorbet is so really smooth and soft that I can't get enough of it! Check the recipe out on my other blog.

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