Wednesday, November 14, 2012

J Lo at Ahoy

A couple of weeks ago we went to J Lo's concert - I had booked the tickets for Michael's birthday months' ago. Up until a week before the event I hadn't received any tickets yet but I didn't worry - that was mentioned in the booking. However I received an email stating that the ticket company won't manage to send me the tickets and that they will refund the cost. It seems that this company I used to get the tickets was a fraud and now doesn't even sell tickets anymore. In the meantime I have reported this to the police but I don't I'll ever see the money for the tickets back. 

I bought other tickets and none the less we had great fun at the concert, even though we could see J Lo as a tiny spot on the stage since we were quite far away! I loved her music throughout the years and I really liked the sound of her laugh. It makes you want to laugh with her.

Let's Get Loud was one the songs that reminded me of summer nights at Gianpula in which I used to dance the night away.

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