Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Proposal

I knew long ago that M was the one, the one that I will tie the knot with. I knew it after just a few months together, but I was never one of those girls that dreams of getting married. I did want to get married but definitely not directly after studying and also not before enjoying a few single years.

M changed me in so many ways and we both knew that we were going to get married. We talked about it casually many times but we were not in a hurry. Somehow all this talk and no action made me become that girl who dreams about the white dress and the party. I waited and waited; each time M organised something romantic I was expecting it to be THE night. I was trying not to get too excited about it since I didn't want to be let down when the question was not asked by the end of the night!

The day before the proposal M invited me to a date at a restaurant. I was sure this was the night it was going to happen. I was obviously wrong, so the day after, a Saturday I didn't expect anything. The chance for that weekend had passed. I was so wrong.

We planned to cook a nice dinner for just the two of us. M was being super sweet - the day was perfect - relaxed, enjoying the company of each other. Just before the dessert M apologised - he told me that he broke one of my rings and asked if it would be ok if he gives me another ring. At that point he came out with a box, containing a lovely ring. He then asked the question and I said YES. Obviously! 

All this happened on 10/11/12 an easy date to remember. I now also know that M had the ring for a month and couldn't find the right moment to propose. If only I knew!

Us back in 2009

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