Friday, February 1, 2013

Business travelling - the truth

This year I have a lot of travelling to do. In a way I love it and at the same time I get a bit exhausted when I have trips right after the other. Not all trips are for fun, a good number this year are for work. It's exciting to go to new countries, get to meet new people and at times feel important and needed. However the reality is that in most of these occasions I don't visit new countries, the people I meet are not very interested to socialise and I'm stuck having dinners by myself. To top it all off I have to spend a week in a tiny hotel room away from my loved one. And many times instead of feeling important you feel stressed and overwhelmed by the amount of work you have.

All this sounds very negative but somehow I still love the work travel. I have learned a long time ago not to feel shy of going to a restaurant by myself. Moving to 2 different countries on my own might have something to do with it. I'm a food lover and usually I focus on that. Also I really do feeling like a proper business woman, dressed in a suit and required to travel across countries because my work is needed elsewhere. The good thing of visiting the same place multiple times is that you can meet up friends on a regular basis on the bosses' expense. You can also get to know the city and know where you should hang out and possibly manage to slip in a few hours shopping - a task which always brightens up my day!

And all this makes me feel lucky that I managed so much in my life, mostly because my parents were always reminding me how important proper education is and that if I wanted something in life I should work hard to obtain it.

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