Sunday, April 28, 2013

The last Queen's day

A few months ago Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands decided to abdicate in favour of her son prince Willem Alexander. The change of throne will happen on the famous Queen's day in 2 days time. Throughout the years I have lived in the Netherlands I always celebrated Queen's day. Some years I partied hard, others I took it more relaxed but I was always present.

This year it will be the last Queen's day on 30th April. From next year we will start celebrating King's day on 27th April. I didn't like the change of date or the change of name of this loved public holiday. Firstly moving the date means that the first King's day falls on a weekend day which means one less free day off! Secondly Queen's day seems more fun and less tyrannical then King's day!

Anyway if you're in the Netherlands for this last Queen's day have a great day!

At a party corner in Amsterdam on last year's Queen's day.


Some of the boats on the Amsterdam canals. Queen's day 2008.

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