Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hiking and diamonds

Last weekend was a long weekend so we packed  our hiking and camping gear and drove to  Luxembourg. The weather wasn't exactly what I hoped for and it was quite cold on the first night. I was wishing for sunrise so that I could finally manage to snooze off.

On our first day we had our first hike on the Ardennes hills in the area. The place was lovely and after my  complaints due to the first steep hill I started to enjoy myself. There was nearly nobody around but we did meet the occasional cow who seemed to want a taste of the apple I was eating!

The next night we made sure we were warm enough and this time I wasn't looking forward to sunrise since I was really stiff from the day before and knew that once awake I would be hiking for at least another 4 hours. Unluckily the weather for the second hike was not optimal and it kept raining for most of the day. So by the end I was looking forward to reach our car and feel dry again. 

I also was looking forward for the second part of the trip in Antwerp in which we were going to check out wedding rings at the diamond street in Antwerp. I was very excited to check all the shops lined up one after each other full of rings knowing that on of them will be mine! I had heard that Antwerp is a very good place for jewelry but it's a quite different when you experience it. We didn't buy our rings yet but we did find out what we were looking for.

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