Sunday, May 19, 2013

The decision is made

Last week's hiking trip was a test for me. During the weekend we were going to decide if I am fit enough to handle the alpine ice and snow course offered by NKBV this summer in Austria. At the end I was undecided, since I did manage the planned hikes but not without pain and a lot of patience from my boyfriend. He thinks I can manage, I think I will love parts of the course and hate other parts of it.

After a lot of thought and fully knowing that I will be swearing many times during the course I made the decision and in a few months I will have my first mountaineering holiday. After seeing photos from my boyfriend's previous trips and watching a few videos on YouTube I'm now very excited.

I still think that this is damn difficult but I also know that a few years ago I would never have thought about doing something like this! So yes I'm excited about it.

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